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Until Katha Niar died in my arms.

And that was the first time I was really mad about dying of a virtual character in a Star Wars game. Blindly mad. I was hating Hutts, Cartel and Myself especially, because I was sloppy, I was slow, that was my fault too, my people died because of me, because I've failed as a Sith and a person. Pathetic excuse for a Dark Council member who can't do even this simple thing right, to save a couple of lives of good people who, out of all useless and cowardly bastards around them, deserved life and happiness more than anyone, more than me.
She doesn't die in your arms, she leans up against one the decorations wrapped around a support beam in the meeting chamber. She mentions she can't feel her hands, it was an honor and it would of been nice to see DK one last time and then she falls on the ground, dead. But she did give you alternatives to the Hutt negotiation despite her looming death not long after.

Your character was out completing the mission no one else can handle, a Hutt strike team got through Imperial security on the mining drill and kidnapped her. The Hutt always had this eventuality planned and considering its indifference when you meet it, and as far as a typical hutt is concerned fearing for its life? This hutt had no such fear and even fought you, so it didn't care if you were dark council or not, Niar was done for either way.

You did what you needed to, so did the hutt.

I will say this for Niar, she was good at giving you support when you needed it, and despite being a filing clerk for a few years, she certainly knew her way around administration pretty well despite her own lack of proper respect owed to a Sith Lord.