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Imperial Makeb story easily was and still is the best thing that can provide SWTOR - KotFEET looks just dead, synthetic, plastic in a comparison: a good camera work, the music, animations... Yet still it can't deliver that level of a strong and intriguing story with actually believable characters, delievered by a humble little expansion about a humble little planet in backyards.

And it was the first time for me when this game struck a chord. And struck very deeply.

As I've surely already recommended myself, I'm a loyal Imperial to the end. But it started as just "weeee stupid jedi i'm evil!! glory to the empire, our long waited revenge is finally here!" - that kind of cringe, it was, like, the end of 2012, I was in my puberty back then, lol. I was a bit careless of a loyalist, so to speak. "The Empire is the strongest, we'll crush those pathetic pubs like dogs and bugs, woo-hoo, bing-bing 1up". I didn't care about my people that much, neither about the price of war.

Until Katha Niar died in my arms.

And that was the first time I was really mad about dying of a virtual character in a Star Wars game. Blindly mad. I was hating Hutts, Cartel and Myself especially, because I was sloppy, I was slow, that was my fault too, my people died because of me, because I've failed as a Sith and a person. Pathetic excuse for a Dark Council member who can't do even this simple thing right, to save a couple of lives of good people who, out of all useless and cowardly bastards around them, deserved life and happiness more than anyone, more than me.

The only thing I really wanted back then was to drown all this *********** planet in radiation, blood and fire with all its thrice damned inhabitants - and even this wouldn't be enough, I knew it then and I still feel it now. Because even if i would have slaughtered a thousands and millions, it still wouldn't have returned me my soldiers and brothers. And this angers me even more. I can't do anything.

Katha Niar, who led one of the most difficult missions in the Sith Empire history and who've sacrificed her life to see it through to the end. In her last moments the only thing she regretted was not career, ambitions, potential - just that she would never see her Dromund Kaas again. The simple, kind and sincere wish of a simple person who just wanted to make her life count for the good of her motherland. She never complained, she never cried, she didn't blame me or anyone else. She was full of love for our dark and gloomy capital world, and full of pride for the things we've accomplished.

Every time I want to reconsider my loyalties, when I'm in doubts, when I'm confused about future and my place in it - the only thing I need is to remember Katha Niar and her closing eyes, so my will and determination become adamant. I promised her back then that I will protect our Sith Empire to the last dying breath, so her noble sacrifice wouldn't be in a vain.

That's the real reason I'm so butthurt about seriously playing the Pub side or about them as such. I just can't make myself. I'm already emotionally attached to this people, Imperials, tightly. It's a bond. I'm with Imps, Pubs are my enemies. As well as Hutts - I swear, the next Hutt I'll see will be butchered by pieces to make a good anathomy material.