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10.21.2019 , 10:30 PM | #42
What are you talking about. Solo Ranked on the PTS was swarming with Deception sins, and they were topping DPS in many games, with unbelievably high burst and double vanish. In regular WZs, the story was very similar. How did you ever get this idea? They were literally one of the strongest specs. So much so, I expect one of their set bonuses to be nerfed before 6.0 hits live, which will make them less broken, but still incredibly strong.
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This. Sins are going to fine. Snipers were fine before and now they’re OP.
HAHAHAHA I just read this and had a good chuckle. Any half decent sniper, merc, con op, leth op, or sorc can 1v1 a dec sin and destroy him. There will always be skill imbalances but sins are like bottom of the meta, barely ahead of jugg and pt dps. should be interesting to see how 6.0 changes that. krea says they can 1v1 hlrs.