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Except it was NOT done well. It wasn't thought through. It's half-baked. There isn't even personal preference involved... the clunky way that mats are put in the tab and the complete lack of display options makes the new Mats Tab underwhelming and badly implemented. Glad you are satisfied with a "Less Than" result. So YOU can move on, but those not satisfied with the result will make that point known.
That's your personal opinion nothing more. Again some may agree, many seem to not agree with you. I have no issues with it.

Also in regards to Bioware not moving mats for you. What if someone didn't want them moved for them. How do you set which mats are moved? You can control what quality is moved and what quality is not. Do they do all green and below? What if others don't want that. What if some want just blue and lower, what if some want purple and lower? They should just assume which ones to move and done move? No they shouldn't and not moving any and letting players have the choice of what mat quality to move and which ones to not move is up to them. Not Bioware or you to decide for everyone else.
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