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Except it was NOT done well. It wasn't thought through. It's half-baked. There isn't even personal preference involved... the clunky way that mats are put in the tab and the complete lack of display options makes the new Mats Tab underwhelming and badly implemented. Glad you are satisfied with a "Less Than" result. So YOU can move on, but those not satisfied with the result will make that point known.
I like the new mats window, it doesn't feel clunky at all to me. That's literally a personal preference.

Did you test the expansion on the PTS? If yes, then why didn't you comment on this during play testing? If no, then why didn't you test? They implemented TONS of feedback from PTS testing, they really do listen to the players.

It's hard to empathize with someone when that person is telling the people that disagree with them that their opinion is irrelevant. You didn't even do it to just one person, but three separate people.