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I'm going to be a nay sayer here. It wasn't done well at all. It's contrived and confusing, especially for someone like me who has OCD. My brain can't see any usable organization to it. It's as though they just put a box out for stuff to be dumped into any old way. I had anticipated to see it like this:

1) It would be a storage item set up exactly like a Cargo Hold or Legacy Storage, with tabs at the bottom for each crafting discipline clearly labeled: Artifice, Armstech, Armormech, etc.

2) As you gathered for any of the disciplines the mats would automatically be sent to the proper tab upon accepting the reward.

3) The tabs would be user friendly to allow you to set up the mats inside of it in an order that works for YOU.

4) Items received from Companion missions for Underworld, Investigation, Slicing, Diplomacy, etc, would automatically go into the tab for the discipline it was set up for. Since a few of the crafting disciplines use some of the same items, you could arrange which tab you want it to go to. Again it would be user friendly to allow for self customization.

5) The storage facility would be the same size as a fully unlocked Cargo or Legacy hold with six tabs, 80 slots per tab.

THIS is what I expected, what I had envisioned, not an empty junk box. I do not intend to use it. I'll just purchase an additional tab for my Cargo and Legacy Holds and keep my brain happy with my current organization. Sorry people, but I had expected so much better than what we got.
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