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Almost forgot:

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2 and 3 is a pointless nerf to a crew skill that is already balanced, 4 will by extension restructure the way the crew skill works in a bad way.
Except it isn't balanced. If it was then it wouldn't be inevitable they'd have to pick one of these options.

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This is a false argument though, because giving the non-consumable crew skills the ability to sell their BoPs is purely beneficial (or at best neutral, if the items end up being unprofitable ) from a trade perspective, whereas doing the same for Biochem fundamentally changes the crew skill and directly impacts the rest of its market ( and going back to the previous post, removing those entirely would only be partially harmful because of the imbalance in quality at top end ). In the former case, you're essentially saying you'd be more than happy to broaden your market base in exchange for me collapsing mine, in the former you're offering to shave your head if I chop off my leg.. it's hardly an equitable trade.
Except there isn't a market for adrenals/medpacks. I have yet to ever sell a single one at cost, much less for a profit. Allowing me to sell the reuseable ones WILL be increasing my biochems market, (or at best neutral, if they end up being unprofitable too.) The only thing I make profit on as biochem is high end stims and implants.