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Nothing else is no longer useful because biochem is the OP profession you must have to min/max
If you are min/maxing then you are gimping yourself by using the biochem reusables. They are NOT the best available. They are a convenience for biochemists. The best available is not BOP and does not require biochem to use. If you would read a few posts back, someone listed each reusable with the consumable counterpart. You can clearly see that the reusables offer no combat advantage. The sole purpose of this thread is economical. It has already been stated as such several pages back.

We all know it's impossible to make any credits from any other profession other than biochem (sarcasm). I'm still trying to figure out how I keep making credits with artifice and cybertech on my alts. Millions of credits from those two useless professions. I've also made a few million credits with biochem. And interestingly enough none of it was from stims, medpacks or adrenals.
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