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Dps operative lacking survival please don't make me laugh. Have you seen the thrill of the hunt video and how boring ops made it. Even Snave who has something to say on every subject, plays an op exclusively since launch and hosted the event was having a snooze. The point is that healers should have a nerve twitching time keeping players alive. Players with the stealth should have to run or die when you turn around and beat on them. Pure DPS (snipers and maras) should hit like a train but need a healer. Tank/dps classes should do their job with a little advantage of the offspec. And sorcs healers should not be able to solo heal a wz reg or ranked while doing some crafting and reading up on google.

I am not advocating easy kills but with so many dcds, not enough damage, and huge heals (op bug/sorc easy mode) the game is growing stale. No one wants to die but this is a computer game so suck it up and wait for the respawn.
I enjoyed all the operative fights with the exception of one round. Also I'm not sure comparing general PvP balance to a 1v1 tournament is particularly wise