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07.30.2013 , 12:50 PM | #12
Okay, Red Lightning is not a big concern (as awesome as that would be), and these guys know what they're talking about and are proposing interesting solutions to the issue.
Well I don't think one would get to use the instant as often as you'd think, since you can already only use it once every 8 seconds, and we don't necessarily get 5 LS off during the cooldown, since we also have to deal with other things like Crushing Darkness, Affliction, and the procs we get, although when we had Polarity Shift up, it would make a much larger difference. If that does make it a little too OP, I think that it could be helpful if we fixed how often Lightning Barrage happens, since as of now, I'm lucky if I can get one to proc over one Affliction, maybe a critical hit of Thundering Blast or something while affliction is up could automatically proc Lightning Barrage, or maybe Lightning Barrage could be like Unload and do increased damage. Although I don't really know how much that would help our mobility, but it would help with burst.