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This week was unexpectedly busy, for yours truly! Due to a resignation, you are now reading the words of the new GM of our sister-guild, <THE SlTH ORDER>. As such, expect a marked change from Jedi-dominant RP events to Sith-dominant RP events; An officer in our community is an officer in all 6 of our guilds, but some serve more-advanced officer functions within specific guilds.

Not to digress to far, this change brought about some unique RP opportunities that were certainly acted upon!
The first SlTH weekly ceremony yours truly presided over. It was a packed house, as many within the community wanted to see how the shift of command would play out, be explained RP-wise, etc. Yours truly also started quite early with recruitment efforts, so a few of the inductees are brand new to our community, this week.

Ultimately, Amedeo's arrival on the scene was mostly subjective-RP tied into his mannerisms while commanding the event. A brief explaination of Amedeo's disdain for many on their sect's Dark Council was given, as he viewed them as having wasted years in trying to influence eachother - while he'd been off with campaigns and serving at the feet of the High Dark Council, on Dromund Kaas. In courting their favor, he'd been able to remove the previous Lord Voice (SlTH's GM's title) with a simple request. Promises of empowering victories were made, and the rest of the event flowed as we would normally orchestrate it - except the location of it's finish.

While the new initiates were duelled and tested on Korriban, the challenge-duels were moved to our new Dark Council Chamber, to consecrate the newly-rennovated guild flagship. The initiates then took their oaths of fealty to our sect of the Sith, and that event finsihed. HOWEVER - yours truly has always believed the time immediately following a guild's weekly ceremony to be the single most-prime time to host a guild event. As such, the RP event that followed was well-attended!
In order to maximize attendance, this event not only followed the weekly guild ceremony - it also took place in the very place we decided to end the 3rd phase of our weekly guild ceremony!

This is where the real RP comes in, and is a point that your input is appreciated, for. The Dark Council was seated, and the new Lord Voice, Darth Amedeo, heard affairs of his new court. In these "Council RP's", affairs from members of the Order are brought before the ears of the Dark Council, for role-play purposes. Volunteers come up and RP with myself and the Council, either bringing forward their own scenario, or taking up a "role-in-need" by accepting the queues and suggestions provided by yours truly, for either a comedic or dramatic scenario that I bring forward. The scenario plays out, and I usually try to round each scenario out to take up about 10-15 minutes.

The first scenario was a Sith seeking a leave of his normal duties for the Sith Order, for time to hunt down and kill his brother. Obviously, there's some bad blood there, so I did queue him for further details and motivations. We got more out of him, but there wasn't much to do with this one, so he was quickly given leave. The second secnario was a Sith Lord seeking to take one of our members as an Apprentice (part of our ranking and RP systems). In this one, I was able to queue the Council for objections or inquiries, as to why our volunteer might not be capable of training another to be Sith, and an entertaining and tense exchange played out between one of our Dark Council and the petitioning Lord.

With the third scenario, our volunteer accepted a suggestion, and I figured comedy would be the way to go. As such, the Lord Voice had received notification that a traffic incident involving the volunteer in Kaas City saw the overturn and spill of a large amount of garbage - but not just ANY garbage; This was the garbage from the Dark Council and the class of Sith that live adjacent to the residences of the Dark Council! As such, death threats had been flying, as something so private (and potentially full of assorted pieces of evidence) is not made available to the public lightly. I wasn't certain where to take the bit, until we decided to try to figure out which well-known Sith might be sending the death threats, as to appease them - so we started to go over what types of death threats he'd been receiving. Here, the Dark Council was asked to chime in, and we began asking if the volunteer had received the most-comedically possible types of death threats.

Overall, this night played out well, and was lined up in such a way as to reach the most guild-members possible. However, I'll be needing more scenarios for the role-in-need types of Roleplays, such as the second of these two events made some use of. If anyone has suggestions for either Drama or Comedy scenarios we can play out, at these, then your input is always welcome!

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