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As the Roleplay Headmaster of the Sage School within <THE JEDl ORDER>, yours truly is host to many Roleplay events and functions, within the guild-community (meaning all 6 of our guilds). This quarter marks the 12th term of Ahlvis No'vaik upon the Council - and with this quarter comes a new type of Roleplay event that our community will be host to: "Role-In-Need" Roleplay events.
A screenshot of our very first "Role-In-Need" Roleplay event, this past week. One observer for the event commented that it was probably un-wise to break the news being delivered while cliff-side, given the potential for emotion in receiving such news....

During the event, three volunteers were had. They were presented with the option of Drama or Comedy. A scenario was given, and then yours truly queue'd in the volunteer to their part in the scenario with some initial dialogue. This was all script-free asides from the scenario ideas. The scenarios played out between us this week were:

(1) COMEDY - With the galaxy recently back at war, new supply/shower/dietary restrictions are in-place for all Jedi upon Planet Tython. The volunteer has some.... *creative* complaints about the shortages and the rationing.

(2) DRAMA - The volunteer has recently discovered that the accident that orphaned him actually had survivors, from his family. However, he is being told now that his request to the Council to meet these family members has been denied.

(3) DRAMA - The volunteer is meeting with a representative of the Jedi Council to learn that their life-long dream of seeking Knighthood within the Order has been ruled impossible, as they are too weak with the Force.

Each of these scenarios was played out between yours truly as the host and a different volunteer, each round. As predicted, this lasted about 35-40 minutes, and provided an outlet for Roleplay. The volunteers didn't have to commit what occured into their characters' canon lore - but it was an option to establish such occurances and experiences.

Yours truly will seek to keep this thread updated with the scenarios that we end up playing out, in these events - and am very open to suggestions for more such short "Role-In-Need"'s!

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