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Hello! I'm a pretty experienced player having played all classes save op/scoundrel to at least 25-30, but am a bit perplexed by the Operative. I've tried rolling one and I'm about 13 at the moment, but I can't find any kind of sensical order to use my skills in, and I die near-instantly in PvP. Most other classes I can pull top DPS and objectives in almost every game I play, but Operative's melee/ranged hybrid skills really confuse me. I know they have amazing potential because I've been destroyed by so many in 1v1 and it seems ilke they can just keep you stunned forever, but I'm wondering what an early level rotation looks like? My main is a PT Shield Tech if that helps at all. Thanks for any input people could offer.
In pvp a concealment operative is an annoyance class. They are there to go behind enemy lines, kill someone, and move on. I also try to help alleviate pressure in areas. Walking up to their turret in in no are coast, for example, when you control south and east but your team is getting seriously destroyed is a good idea. Don't come out guns blazing yet. Rather find the guard and sneak up on him and sleep dart him. He will call for reinforcements and 1-3 people will come. From there just try not to die and south will be able to regain their position. This tactic can apply in many different situations and it should fuel your imagination for other tactics. Operatives will be more of the silent heroes unfortunately so you don't get too many votes unless you tunnel vision dps.