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Core phase was only 350k, but we had 2 vanguards AND an IO merc and literally the core got incinerated, we didnt see too many aberrations cycles, I think the fight ended at about 67 stacks? We had all 4 dps up until like the final moment where after core died I ****ed up an aberration and flew off an edge :P

I'm pretty sure I could squeeze out another 50k just from not being as cautious during mechanics, and speccing into the right utilities, and actually using reflect on the heave during the core burn.
You probably know already, but whatever: While looking at the abberations, you can savely use Smash and Cyclone to dish out at least a bit of dps during it. But 67 stacks is quite good afaik(we normally end at ~75-80).
I'd suggest taking trailblazer and narrowed focus.
If you have 2 vang, so a rebounder for every heave, spec into daunting presence and reflect overcharge saber on the first 2 floors.

Oh and reflecting heave doesn't do anything for your core damage, because it's reflected back to Revan and he's immune to damage during that phase