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From what I have been able to figure out, the only actual canon that has been rewritten is post-Jedi (thank god the silly yuuzang vong will never exist).
I completely disagree. IMHO the yuuzhan vong were maybe one of the most interesting things ever in Star Wars. Before that the EU stories were mainly: "oh no, thereīs this dangerous situation, but donīt worry no one will die and everything will stay the same".

Also, I cannot understand how so many people are perfectly alright with so many stories being decanonized. For one, the new canon should at least be better than the old one (if you want to decanonize something, why not TPM?), and for what Iīve seen so far thatīs far from happening.

And what if 30 years from now another company buys Star Wars and starts all over again? Will you agree with that too?