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11.11.2015 , 12:29 AM | #726
Remember in the beginning of SoR, what the SI tells her about "letting her emotions go" etc when she has the vision of
you being torn apart by some plant. You're clearly teaching her some serious sith stuff.
I mean, she at the very least is not following jedi teachings anymore. Also her stuff of reciting sith and jedi codes side by side etc , she questions both orders on some matters...and most of all she doesn't leave you when you go destroy Tython's temple and if you want she accompanies you kick some jedi *** without even giving any sign of protestation.

So yeah, she fits more a "Ls" sith but I think that's what is great, nicer siths can get along with Ashara while others will go for Xalek without having any of them being a *********** caricature of light sider or dark sider.
So I can't complain about the whole thing. Going through the conversations trying to convince her to let a bit more of her jedi thing go was fun and I hope to get her back soon.

All in all I found her personality interesting and she kinda had an influence on my Sith who thought a bit about some of her questioning of the sith order and made her soften up a bit (well, at least she stopped zapping people for the lelz of seeing them convulsing and go "OUUUH AAAAAH OOOOH AAAAH").