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11.28.2018 , 01:06 PM | #13
Another great video, your Gunship play was very good again, except for the Barrel rolls you called out yourself.
Definitely don't waste a Barrel and use it to Barrel towards the enemy spawn lol :P

For the Strike fighter segment, power settings matter a whole lot more in Strike fighters so the moments when you're shooting in power to engines really hurt you. The build you're using from my forum post is a Piledriver build, if you don't know what that is here is a link to my teammate Audson's explanation on how it works.

If you like the Piledriver style of play, I'd recommend adding a little more weapon power help in the build, by either cutting the faster missile locks by swapping the magazine to a regeneration extender or adding a blaster effiency engineering passive.

In the video you mention you really like Wingman and you're not sure if you can get it on the Rycer. Copilot abilities and the passives crew provide aren't ship/class specific, they are the same no matter what ship you're playing. So if you have access to Wingman on your Gunship you definitely have access to it on your Rycer.

If you'd like a more detailed explanation on how the crew/copilot stuff works let me know and I can go over it.
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