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I just have one question... How can I aim better!!!! I consistently hit 40% accuracy and I always feel like **** when I joust and die cuz I can,t hit my target who have no evesion buff up. And it's even worst under 1000m where I can empty my weapon energy with ion and never getting one shot on his shield.
Well aiming is just practice, one of the easiest ways to help aim better is to hold the "S" key to slow your ship down. You can also play with your mouse sensitivity until you find that right spot for you that lets you turn/track enemies fast enough and be able to keep your cursor on them. When you are under 1000m the reticule can behave wierdly sometimes you actually have to lead it on the edge of the direction they are flying instead of aiming for the dead center. (this is especially true with burst lasers)
I hope that helps
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