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One problem I have now with Operative is the way the utilities are situated. You’re basically forced to take the same utilities you were taking in 5.0 if you’re playing with the normal PvP BiS build (except in Tier 2). While Sniper feels like they get more options when building their utilities. For example, my slow and immobilize build for Ruffian is hard to make anymore without sacrificing nearly all my defensive utilities because where they are place.
I agree, and I see from other posts its a recurrent concern,how can we suggest to change it so it could be more convenient?
(assuming they wont change the 8 utilities / tiers x 3 tiers disposition )

As a reference the current pts layout VS the live one :

from my PoV, :
What I hear people saying : Because of the new layout we cant take as much defensive utilities.

I think we should put one either Escape Plan or Evasive Imperative in the masterful section, so we could at least take the combination of both (that is a pretty popular choice I believe) and what used to be 2 legendary, maybe swap it instead with Evasive Screen or Jarring Strike ?

SKILLFUL: I would put a 3rd more generic ability, non dps/pvp related utility, so its relevant for pve healers, maybe Adrenaline Probe? Maybe Swapping it with Curbing Strategy or Precision Instrument? Unsure about the impact of that swap for dpses tho.

================================================== ==================================

Now, I dont play much operative dps, or pvp. So I dont know what would be the best choices for them, and after looking at the most popular builds I admit it would be easy to make people unhappy swapping utilities around.

Any other suggestions ?

What about that slow / cc build for leth, how would you make it work ?