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Ok, after testing in that Phase:

The more Im testing the healing tacticals / sets, the more I find that something is bugging me : most of our options turn around Tactical Advantage procs.
I take it tactical advantage is our main resource as operatives, but it makes the synergy between certain sets and tacticals difficult, without counting how we usually spend TA in an normal play.

  • Combat Medic : Kolto Pack while moving - need a TA
  • Critical Surgery: - need a TA
  • Diagnostic Probes: -need 3 TA in a fairly small window to have the proc (that doesn't last very long as well)
  • Regenerative Waves - waves now require a TA
  • Toxic Haze Heal set : -needs a TA

Now, the new Tactical set does help for these, its the obvious solution.

The problem is when you want to use other sets, like the Aggressive Treatment.

Some people already pointed out that the Regenerative Waves tactical + the Toxic Haze Heal set *could* have been great together for an AOE build, but is not working well, because of that limit.

Ive been playing around a lot with the Toxic Haze set + the Diagnostic Probe tactical, because i like the polyvalence ...The toxic Haze heal is fun to use, but often if I use it Im short 1 stacks for the diagnostic probes proc, or the time I regain a TA the stacks have expired already. So I ended up using more 1 or the other, but not both. Not counting if you want to use Kolto Infusion in the mix.

I agree that a re-worked Surgical Probe could be a better option to use with the Toxic Haze set.

The suggestions Ive seen around, and my own :

  • Make Diagnostic Probes stacks last for longer, like this they could still be useful if we cant / dont want to use those 3 probes in succession,or use other abilities in between. We could have some breathing room to regain TA.
  • Diagnostic Probes : Longer window for the auto-injection Proc. Something that was great about the old autocrit Injection was the long window so you could plan when to use it. If you are worry it would be too OP , maybe with a cooldown?
  • I second the suggestion somebody made about the Shiny Proc-Injection for Diagnostic Probe at 3 stacks
  • More TA generation: the new Kolto Waves Tac could have an higher % chance of refunding the TA you use for it ?
  • Or it could be like the Surgical Precision Passive, it could give you back 1 TA automatically, but only once every x seconds? Having an higher chance of TA generation would help not wasting a TA on waves for nothing, if we get interrupted or if we want to stop our channel for x reason( time, energy, prevent overhealing..)

WISHLIST (one can still hope ):

What about having a tactical or a set NON related to TA so we have other options ?

Suggestion : Wild idea , why not have options related to our stacks of Kolto Probes, which as an op healer compose of more than 40% of our heals?

Considering we spend so much time managing them,refreshing them, looking at the ops frame for them... that could be very interesting for the op healer gameplay If we had some changes related to them. Its something people want, seen as it was reccurent in the suggestions thread a few month ago.

I wont qq about choices that were or werent made, its already great than the Devs took suggestions (and implemented some of them litteraly, a lot of tacticals are already great , but lets just say than Im a bit sad the suggestions about the probe stacks didnt stick as a lot of them were great and So So useful. (up the stacks to 3, AOE probe refresh/spread, secondary effects on Probe ticks ... so much way those could be improved, a less "boring" than they are now . We never know, maybe its still possible

Please give the healers a Generic set they can use ? The old berserker +20% power was usable by healers and dps, now its not. A set with a +5% healing would be great too !!!

*** Im not as knowledgeable as a lot of you are, please correct me if you find those suggestions overpowered or unnecessary, its my humble average-pve player opinion ***