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09.29.2019 , 07:18 PM | #13
New materials window was not too hard to deal with or learn how to use.

Don't link that it acts like a vendor as I want grab and drop the whole stack when I want it in my inventory

I do not like how it is in a list format but understand that it cant be in a grid format without limiting the space.
I would rather have unlimited storage than limited.

It needs to be sortable in several different ways.
1. High to low low to high
2. Rank 1 to rank 11, rank 11 to rank 1
By current skill. Seeing biochem if you are a biochem or artifice if you are artifice.
I am not so worried about seeing what I might be low on if I can sort by high to low or low to high.

Having tabs stay closed or open until opened or closed again. This would be really nice or have the different types of materials always closed as it would be faster to find what I then want by targeting only the one tab.

Once this blends into the current UI I think it will do well, but as it looks now it looks grade school level and not professionally done.

Window looks much better.

Do you understand how to access the Materials Inventory? YES
Do you understand how to put items in, and to withdraw them? YES
Do you understand what can or cannot be placed into the Material Inventory? YES
Is the way items are displayed in the Material Inventory clear? YES

Thank you for the search window will help with finding a certain material.

Can we get a sort by crafting rank?
Can we get a sort by craft IE biochem, armortech, Armstech so only those materials of that type of crafter needs is shown???
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