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06.25.2019 , 12:49 AM | #53
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Just because you are too lazy to join big guild for bigger conquest rewards, doesn't make it an exploit. Sounds to me some of you guys just want to whine.

I guess next you want force barrier, resilience and saber reflect for your non force user classes, because it's "unfair" that force users have those nice skills while vanguards, powertechs, mercs and so on don't. Obviously it must also be an exploit, that force users use those abilities.

And while we are at it, it's really unfair that F2P have limitation in game play. Why not give them all the same benefits that subscribers have, because at the moments subscribers are "exploiting" the game by playing ops and stuff.
Many of us have made our own guilds as well. Why should i quit my own guild to join other larger guilds for the sake of conquest? This game encourages making small and new guilds right? Current conquest reward system punishes people from creating new guilds and family size guilds from growing as people are leaving small and medium guilds just to join large guilds to farm conquest rewards which is not fair.

At a logic standpoint, being in a small guild you miss out on millions of credits worth of rewards weekly in opportunity cost. That is the price to pay for being in a small guild, which doesnt seems right.