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You can click the button from behind the console?
That's news to me. I'll have to remember that next time I get Battle of Rishi on my Operative.
Last time I tried it, even though I Sleep Darted one enemy, others were still in range when I dropped out of stealth to press the button, and of course they all jumped me. Probably what the Operative in your run was afraid of.
Sleep Dart to nearest mob (1-3 consoles), hide behind the console and just click console. You donít need click a button, because there is no button, the entire console is clickable. For 2'd Sleep Dart, jump amd click.
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It's not intuitively simple if you're new or new to stealth. Level 40 hasn't access to SoR yet either so it might very well have been their first time there ever.
A novice with a Manhunter title, who never did any flashpoint, especially Battle of Rishi? I doubt it. By the way, he could say that itís heís first performance and just take our advice. I learned to play with my group mates and asked them questions. It's just coordination and communication.