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Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
So basically what you’re asking for is a stay command.
yes, that is it I assume. He wants the ranged companions to be as efficient and competent as a ranged player character, which will never happen.

The problem is that if they implemented a stay command it would lead to many instances where your companion gets out of range for his abilities and just stands there doing nothing when you and the enemy group is moving away just slightly. You would have to micromanage the hell out of it or BioWare would have to increase the ability range of all companions, which in turn would make them even more overpowered than they already are. I think both options would lead to even more complaints.

I could understand the complaint if companions were as weak as they were before they had redone them into the power houses that they are right now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rolodome View Post
A "Go Here" command would be nice as well for pretty much the same reason. Like put them on Stay, then Go Here (around a corner), and then pull. Then put them back on Follow when the pull is over. That sort of thing. More intuitive than having to swap between Passive and Attack, imo, and less management in mid-combat.
How is what you describe less management than swapping between passive and attack? Quite the opposite.