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In your first paragraph you're mentioning how your companion is 'running to the enemy'. What did you want your comp to do, kick back have a smoke, drink a beer, let you do all the work? Because that's what was happening before, well... The game is designed so that when you take damage or you give your comp an order, the companion attacks or follows that order. Regarding the meter range, that's also gonna depend on the comp you're using and its weapon.

I would love see to an explanation on how you feel it's a 'complete mess' compared to before the fix when the companions either wouldn't attack, get stuck behind walls, randomly stop firing, now that was a mess.

This has nothing to do with being a 'white knight', it's common sense.

I do not want my ranged/healer companion to run to the enemy. I want them to stand at range and heal.

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