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The road of comparison only leads to disappointment, and I believe many Guardians and Shadows are disappointed in their 30-meter range options, while Vanguards have many options when they are beyond melee range. Guardians and Shadows also canít use Shoulder Cannon to damage enemies while they are stunned or to add a bit of extra burst when they arenít stunned. Vanguards wear heavier armor than Shadows and have much better long-range capabilities than Guardians.

I believe many vanguards and powertechs are disappointed in their 4-10 meter range options, while Guardians and Shadows have many options when they are melee range. Silly me for thinking that I should try to play at melee range after the change to range of Incendinary Missile and Assault Plastique from 30 meters to 10 meters.

I guess I should just stay at range and kill everyone with full auto, mortar volley, heavy impact bolt, sticky grenade and spam explosive round till I run out of ammo when all of those previous abilities go on cooldown and surprisingly do not succeed in killing someone.

After all we are "lite" versions of commandos that can not afford huge cannons due to budget cuts and have to settle down for tiny blaster rifles made out of recycled scrap.

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Please keep in mind that Assault Specialist will perform considerably worse on a target dummy than it does in a real combat situation. There are two primary reasons for this. The most obvious reason is that the Burnout skill does not get its full effect on a target dummy, because a target dummy never falls below 30% health. The less obvious reason is because only around 48% of an Assault Specialistís damage ignores armor, while for Tactics this number is around 65%. This means that the Assault Specialist has more to gain in situations where an armor debuff is present on the target, as should be the case in an operation.[/color]

Assault specialist rotation abilites that ignore armor :

Dot from plasma cell, Pulse cannon, Ion pulse, Incendinary missile and dot effect from Assault Plastique

Abilities that are affected by armor :

Hammer Shot, Stockstrike, Heavy Impact Bolt and Initial Explosion from Assault Plastique

Watchman Sentinel rotation abilities that ignore armor :

Overload Saber and Cauterize

Watchman Sentinel abilities that are affected by armor :

Strike, Slash, Merciless Slash, Master Strike and Twin Saber Throw

So please tell me how can Watchman Sentinels who can not use their execute ability and have far more armor affected abilities included in their rotation can still parse higher than Assault Specialist on dummies ?

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2.4 is bringing a DPS upgrade to both Vanguard damage dealing specializations, as well as a burst upgrade for Assault Specialists and a harder-hitting Fire Pulse for Tactics. These upgrades should make Vanguard damage dealers more competitive in PvP, with faster TTKs than before, and intrinsically more survivability because of that.
Changing plasma cell to not trigger 100% of the time from Ion Pulse but instead making it 100% from Stock Strike is a stealth reduction in Assault Specialist damage. It may not be a totally devastating one like the change to damage of Plasma Cell dot that happened at 2.0 but alas it is a negative change instead of a positive one.

Reduction of damage of Incendinary Missile in return for reduced ammo cost is a negative change as well when considering optimal Assault Specialist rotation would not fall below optimal ammo regeneration threshold too often to be offset by cooldowns of Reserve Powercell & Recharge Cells unless they got really unlucky with Ionic Accelerator procs and the fight does not include any AoE damage to refund cells through Into the Fray passive.

If the purpose of the changes to Incendinary Missile were to make ammo management easier while not reducing overall dps the proposed reduction in cost is too trivial to make a significant dent in ammo management to enable squeezing extra few non-hammer shot abilities into rotation.

If the purpose of the changes to Incendinary Missile were to discourage hybrids ( which I assume to be the case going by the changes to Gut as well ) then this should be done not at the expense of changing Incendinary Missile but making abilities higher up in the Tactics tree more appealing.

In other words, please do not break Incendinary Missile and thus Assault Specialist while trying to fix existing problems again because crashing Assault Specialist tree seems to be the only thing that has been consistent & successful in regards to the Advanced Class since the launch of 2.0 so far.

TL;DR : Give me back my DPS back or I will have Tanno Vikk fill my Bt-7 Thunderclap to the brim with Baradium, strap Treek to pilot's seat and and crash it to my subscription plan with such vigour that one time Sith gatecrashed into Jedi Temple at Coruscant with a transport ship will look like a gentle knock on the door.

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