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What is a huge problem for me is this: The location of powerups on the map. I have played in multiple Team Deathmatch games where my team has received 2 Damage Overcharges shortly after spawning. Both were on our side of the map. That places the other team at a significant early disadvantage.
I can peel back the curtain a bit in regard to the powerups. Possible powerup spawn points are placed in clusters. A cluster is typically in and around points of interest (anything from a series of scaffolding to an asteroid). Each map may have say 9 clusters, with 10-12 possible spawn points in each. Each team has at least 3 clusters that are on their side of the map, and the rest are shared with the other team. These shared clusters are always in the middle of the map.

As of now, only one powerup is ever active within one cluster at a time. Once it's picked up, the next will spawn in a pseudo-random spot within that cluster. The actual powerup spawned has a weight on it, to determine what to spawn. The shield, engine and weapon powerups have an equally very high chance of spawning, and damage overcharge has a very, very low chance of spawning.

This is true for all clusters except the 'super' cluster. There is one per map, and it's typically spawn points placed mostly in the center of the map, but sometimes one or two spread closer to either team's side. This super cluster only spawns damage overcharge powerups, ensuring there is almost always at least one up during the match (aside from respawn time once it's picked up).

So, for what you observed, the natural damage overcharge powerup spawned near the center of the map (but lucky for you, it skewed towards your team), and you had a very very rare second damage overcharge happen to spawn in a cluster on your side of the map.

This isn't the norm, but typically you should see powerups fairly evenly distributed throughout the maps, in terms of numbers of them closer to your side.

It's entirely possible one team has only weapon overcharge powerups and the other only has engine overcharge powerups, but all in all I think you'll find it's a pretty fair way of distributing powerups. One game you may have the advantage at the start, and the next the opposite team may.

I think that covers it. If you have any more questions about the fascinating subject of powerup placement, feel free to ask.