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Thanks for all the feedback! So been testing rotations on the boosted characters (can delete without using token) and I like the rotation of commando but I don't like the idea of not having a tank offspec. my question is about the Jugg DPS spec. The rotation doesnt seem to bad but I can't find any guides with dps rotations ect. Also can anyone give me an idea where they fair in dps for current content? I like the idea of having a Tank offspec that I can go to for easier queuing and just versatility.

Lastly, Vanguard/Power tech dps specs. How are they? Thinking about going the route also (going to test right after this) and are they wanted in raids?
The current DPS Chart can be found here. Here's how they stack up with each other in terms of potential as well as average DPS output.

That isn't to say that just because a class has a lower all around DPS ratio that it cannot do more DPS than a class that has a higher DPS threshold. So The Rank 1 DPS spec can be out dpsed by the Rank 18 spec, player skill and experience plays an extremely large part in DPS output. This is just used as a tentative guide of potentials and averages.

There is nonetheless the consideration that there are certain levels of DPS that can be achieved by some classes but not others. Most people consider the differences in DPS potentials too large of a gap [Rank 1 - Rank18] for essentially the same role.

That being said, there is no spec that is not viable or cannot clear all content in the game in a skilled players hands. Some just have a harder time of it than others with a bit less leeway in performance.

The numbers found are based on parses from actual play and players and the statistics were accumulate and are constantly self updating within the pool of which it's comprised. This is just a general over view but it's quite accurate within a +5/-5% buffer zone.