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Thanks for all the feedback! So been testing rotations on the boosted characters (can delete without using token) and I like the rotation of commando but I don't like the idea of not having a tank offspec. my question is about the Jugg DPS spec. The rotation doesnt seem to bad but I can't find any guides with dps rotations ect. Also can anyone give me an idea where they fair in dps for current content? I like the idea of having a Tank offspec that I can go to for easier queuing and just versatility.

Lastly, Vanguard/Power tech dps specs. How are they? Thinking about going the route also (going to test right after this) and are they wanted in raids?
This is a guide for Vigilance Guardian, which is the mirror spec/class for Vengeance Jugg. The only thing that has changed since this guide is Freezing Force is no longer viable - it was nerfed heavily. Also, your Focused Defense is basically a heal-to-full now.

Currently, I think Jugg over PowerTech in this meta. But both are fun and play very differently. I don't see too many people play PT, but Pyrotech parses the 2nd highest of all melee dps. Unfortunately though, it doesn't have a good rotation and the abilities are weird. Advanced Prototype is great.
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