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I get accused of cheating fairly often. My guild mates too, on Imp or Pub. It's called L2P; I even had one guy saying I cheat because I had a permanent 15% speed increase and sprinted in combat sometimes and he was convinced this was impossible because "he has an Operative and the only speed increase is on Dodge in healer spec and the 15% only works in stealth". When I told him that was false and named the talents that gave me speed boosts (Sneaky for 15% at all times and Dirty Escape in tier 2 Dirty Fighting for stun cooldown reduction and 30% speed bonus for 4 seconds) he said he didn't believe me and was reporting me anyway.

Most recently it was a Sorc and Merc, separately, saying that I cheat after I killed them a bunch of times, because we all know Sorcs and Mercs are great 1v1 classes right? Like I said, L2P and stop crying hacks, especially if you have no idea what the other class' skills are.
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atm Concealment Operative are like a dog humping on your leg,anoying,but not lethal
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Solution : Nerf Operatives. Again.