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I was following my tank around in ACW and we kept getting killed surprisingly fast by a couple of players on the enemy team. I didn't think anything of it because I had just hit 50 on my sage and only had about 14k hp. My tank started calling these guys out in spatial chat for being cheaters. He said that they were using energy hacks and that their whole guild cheats. Normally I dont pay any attention to stuff like that, but they weren't denying it. They only replied with things like "U mad." I'm going to pay closer attention next time and take some SS's.
I play with a tank a lot and I had this happen a couple times last week. There is a difference though between them being smart players.....knowing to take the tank and the healer out first....and just plain cheating.

I saw both situations occur on my server, Droogas Pleasure Barge. Last week too.