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08.12.2012 , 09:10 AM | #92
I posted on this topic already but at the time, I had not been directly effected or seen this ingame. I have seen too many odd events n the warzones of late, that appear to be cheating. Ill try to put some down here. The one time I killed a imp player in the civil war warzone, the second I killed said player. I was removed from the ops group and the warzone. It said that I had removed myself. The fact is I did not. The other I ran into a noob grav round spammer commando. The only problem is he was using abilities from two spec trees, but his grav rounds would have required mostly a gunnery spec. He would not have had enough to get the Incendiary round. Also the fact when we were fighting at the exact moment when he should have been dead. The line of sight in the game went all screwy and I froze and could not move. If that was a random event, I would have wrote it off but it was to precisely timed. No it was not a ingame ability that a commando has. The other incident again against a republic trooper on my commando, he was using a blaster, so he was vanguard. He leaped at me and moved like a Jedi Guardian. No there was no way for him to normally jump that high to get to me. Being that he was a vanguard. Lastly ive noticed on the republic side players being in the warzone but not showing up as pvp active, meaning the green tag around their name. That could be a simple glitch.

As a long time pvper you learn, what you think you see, may not be true. Then again it could be true.