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10.01.2015 , 07:33 AM | #153
I was F2P and I quit, too - in the form of subbing for 12x XD

Okay, in all seriousness, the panic for the ones against 12x is over. Live stream verified that there will be no 12x XP in KotFE. It may come just before another expansion, but . . . the cool news is there will be particular quests highlighted in purple that you can do as a minimum to get to high levels. Tan symbols (like we have now) will be dailies (which look more like a recycle logo now LOL) will be for exploration quests and heroics. So while 12x XP is going away - at lkeast we have a UI that guides us better on sticking to the content we need at a minimum to level up through a story.

I was still glad for 12x XP though. I managed to get characters that sat freshly created for almost 2 years right up to 60. All of my characters are max level now and I love it. No more grinding alts. Now to just enjoy the stories and content from KotFE. XD

Though I did have to add - a lot of people against 12x were against because they were irritated with out-leveling a planet. Level sync FTW - so even if they kept the 12x, you guys would not out-level a planet now XD Just a thought for the future in case they do another 12x event for another expansion, but that will not be for a LONG time to come.
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