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09.30.2015 , 05:16 PM | #152
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Newsflash, if you played at launch then you'd know that the xp that F2P gets now, is the xp that subs got at launch. So I'm gonna call BS on you never grouping or doing group content and being one of the first 50s unless you sat there and grinded mobs an insane amount of time.

And yes, the whole restrictions on the ability to do group content is what really slows F2P more than subs at launch. I should know, I bought enough passes for guildies who were F2P just so they could do stuff with the guild and advance at a reasonable rate. Now they not only have to contend with the restrictions but the fact that subs bypass that content entirely now while leveling for the most part.
You have no clue what youre talking about. You are oblivious to all the content there is in the game. You barely did ANY of it. The problem with overleveling (naturally) happens IF you do stuff BESIDE questing rofl

Restrictions are what makes F2P quit, 12x xp has absolutely nothing to do with it. So youre barking at very wrong tree, as i said before. F2P quit before just as they quit now.