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04.23.2019 , 01:03 PM | #3
It's not even just viability, PT/VG feels really lackluster and almost uninspired all across the board.

The animations are super forgettable or completely generic (contrast with Juggernauts having unique animations for most skills and most of them looking different than their guardian counterparts), which makes the skills not feel very exciting to use visually. I know complaining about animations feels like small peanuts here but I think it's something worth talking about because they suck. Blast is generic, Storm looks like the base skill, Oil/Gas are visually distinct but still kind of bland.

Then the gameplay doesn't have a lot of flexibility to it. I admittedly could be doing something wrong but it never feels like in a fight I have a lot of options to adapt to circumstances or pull off something amazing. I've never had a "wow that's an amazing Shieldtech" moment, because Shieldtech mitigation pretty much happens automatically just by doing your regular rotation and the spec doesn't have much else it can do. This also in general makes the spec less interesting to play, imo.

That's not to say that there's no difference between a bad Shieldtech and a good Shieldtech, there obviously is, but there's a lot less room to be proactive or pull off something amazing because the kit is so much more limited and streamlined than a Juggernaut or Assassin's.

Another time to call out Transpose here, because the discipline feels like it's missing something while simultaneously having a skill that's basically a dead button in PvE.

Admittedly in PvP Transpose is a bit neater, but the general complaint about the discipline not feeling like it has enough options to deal with problems proactively still applies.

Combine that with the viability issues and you have a tank that plays boring, looks boring (at least, in terms of spec skills, default VG/PT skills are mostly cool) and isn't as good as its competitors all at the same time.