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I appreciate the answer!

On the topic of engi vs mm. I have mostly seen engis in granked lately, and personally I love the cleave. But burst swap sure is nice too...

As far as how to play goes, how do you usually set up your burst windows in MM? I played it once in 2013 but that's pretty much it.
Ah yeah I mostly do regs and solo ranked (because I'm a glutton for punishment). Interesting that engie would see play in granked, maybe I'll have to play around with it and see if I like it.


An example of a burst rotation looks something like this: Laze target > Corrosive Dart > Penetrating Blasts > Sniper Volley > Penetrating Blasts > Followthrough > Target Acquired > Ambush > Followtrhough or takedown if sub 30%.

If you take the Snap Shot utility you can get fancy and weave in an instant snipe by exiting and reentering cover after the PB > SV > PB > FT part of the rotation. This will reset ballistic dampers too which is nice.
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