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I would like to know for Pyro
There is a guide coming from one of the veteran player and a theory crafter soon but in the meantime,

Reshís Pyro Guide cheat sheet!
Load 4 shoulder cannon stacks and flame sweep twice before combat for searing wave stacks.

Searing, Filler, immolate, Filler, incendiary, Filler, railshot, Filler x3
Searing, Filler, immolate, Filler, incendiary, Filler, railshot, Filler, scorch, filler. Repeat

Fillers: Flaming fist (on CD) > flame burst = rapid shots to control heat.

In opener very first filler is scorch. Use fuel+adrenal before immolate. Parsing use Power Yield before railshot or searing wave to get the most out of its 10 second buff. In content Power Yield is better saved for when you can fully stack it even if itís not used in fuel window. During fuel go crazy with heat, as long as you donít go over 80% youíll reach zero by the end of your reduced cost buff. Thermal sensor override should be used with searing wave, if using flame dissipation itís used with railshot or an unprocced flame burst. Best returns on vent heat is if heat is between 50-60.

Optimal gear set is Meteor Brawler
Optimal tactical for all situations is Superheated Fuel
Optimal amplifiers are tech wizardry.
Accuracy 1589
Alacrity 1213, (1895 if alac guild perk is active)
Rest into crit
SA/FR relics and attack adrenal in non-synced content
DV/PF relics and critical adrenal in synced content
Accuracy stim best stim

Skillful: Iron Will, Reflective Armor, 3rd for preference (engulfing flames/gyro jets most common bracer propellant rare)

Masterful: Pyro Shield, Hitman, 3rd for preference (mostly sonic rebounder)

Heroic: Liquid Cooling, Combustion Chamber, Overdrive.