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It's been up as a topic before, but with the new style of "more communication" from the devs I thought I'd bring it up again and cross my fingers for a real response.

So the endgame loot stats seems to be a little "odd" to say the least.. Tons of accuracy and Endurance for classes not needing it, less main stats swapped for crit and surge etc..
Looking at it it could seem like the people putting stats on the gear has little idea of what the class needs, but I'm also pretty sure noone has a better idea of the internal mechanics in the game than Bioware..

This pretty much leaves 3 options.

1. The playerbase lacks the internal knowledge that Bioware does, and the stats are very carefully chosen to specifically balance (aka. help the player) progress through the next tier of endgame content. So full Rakata/BH gear is what you need to progress EC HM, Columi is designed to get you through EV/KP HM and so on. Stats are simply cherrypicked to combat the mathmatics behind each fight for each class.

2. Bioware decided to design the system so that players would ultimately need to first gear up on a certain tier of gear, and then after that hunt for Best in Slot modifications.The reason could be anything from a pure moneysink (swapping mods is huuuugely expensive), to being Biowares way of adding a carrot in the game for the more hardcore crowd.

3. Bioware managed to fubar the stat budgets from the beginning and are now dancing around diminishing returns, while still trying to give the illusion of your gear progressing.

Bonus. Somewhere deep in the Bioware dungeons, the monthly intern presses the "randomize stats" button after putting in the gear rating..

Hope to get some dev feedback on this question.

TL,DR: How does Bioware decide endgame equipment stats?
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