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Interesting link. Iíve never seen that before.
For context this tier was made by Krea during a twitch stream in which over 100 viewers participated and helped propose the tier list you see now. This is the full video of the stream::

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Iíve a question. If the B rating has the most classes in it, wouldnít that mean they are the most balanced and the others need to be brought up or down to those LvLs?
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I'd say A and B are both fairly balanced. It's S, C, D that are overperforming/underperforming.

And anyway, in my opinion, there are always going to be at least a few specs in S and C. I think D tier are the ones that need the most attention right now. But then, if we do get that stupid jugg tactical that devs are trolling us with, jugg would rise to C, at the very least.

This response by Equeliber is spot on. This tier list is not supposed to be a comprehensive, ultimate guide to the hierarchy of classes in 6.0. There are a lot of limitations. For instance, the tier list was made one month ago before the AP pt buffs. Additionally it does not take into account the nuances of each fight: healer/tank/dps games, all ranged vs all melee, etc...

Also interestingly is that there is a "cultural gap" that is occurring between EU and NA right now. On NA, practically every jugg tank takes Force Bound set bonus, whereas on EU most jugg tanks use the Descent of the Fearless set bonus. I have no explanation for that other than "a cultural gap." While the damage increase from Descent of the Fearless is noticeable, the damage mitigation bonus from Force Bound far exceeds it. It can very easily be said that Force Bound is the better set bonus. Krea, at the time, having played mostly on EU, did not know of the force bound set bonus. And therefore rated jugg tanks much lower than PT tanks, whereas in reality the two could be on the same tier.

The thing that the tier list excels at is giving a rough estimate of where each class is. Like I said, each spec can deviate from its proposed ranking by 1 tier. For example: with a tank, operatives healers surpass all other healers and are undoubtedly S tier, but without tanks they are merely an A tier healer. Similarly with lethality ops.

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One could also argue that some of the ones in S tier deserve an S+ tier, nerfing them a bit wouldn't hurt
That was the argument made by me and others, however I think Krea wanted to stick to the normal S tier down tier structure. This is really a shame because I think opers and sins do need a nerf, whereas not all S tier classes do. Also could allow ling sorc (getting back to the OP's original question) to be S tier. While ling sorc is clearly not on the same level of sin and oper, it is noticeably better than fury and miles ahead of marksman.
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