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"More intuitive and less management in mid-combat."

With passive/attack as part of an LOS pull, you need to put them back on attack in mid-combat while watching everything else. With commands actually built for scenarios like that, you can do it all outside of combat, so no pressure, and more intuitive. For example, putting a companion on passive means they won't run off to attack, but you have to make sure to do it before combat starts. If they've already aggroed and then you LOS, even if you put them on passive, they'll come to you, but not necessarily behind the wall. So now you've got a companion getting pelted and they're doing nothing.

Being able to use passive for something like that is tolerable, but it's messy.

Also worth noting, a "Go Here" would make most sense being designed so that it automatically switches them to Stay rather than Follow (cause otherwise they'd just run back to you as soon as they reach their destination). Which would simplify it to one command rather than two as I initially described it. Go Here behind wall, then pull.

For further intuitiveness...ness. They could have companion switch back to Follow upon exiting combat (perhaps as a toggle in game options).

I mean, I'm just scratching the surface here and throwing out off the top of my head. There are all sorts of ways to make it more intuitive to manage them and expand on how they can be managed. It would just require some fiddling with options to give people more room to fit how they play (and of course, the coding for it, which may be "the rest of the _______ owl").
Sure, there are a lot of ways in which the AI could be improved upon and we could get far more options to micromanage them, but I think it is not worth it really. With the latest fix they are back to being a useful extension of the player character's abilities in casual PvE combat and that is all they need to be. They are not supposed to be a substitute for a real player.

Coding AI is one of the most frustrating, error-prone and time-consuming things ever and we all know that BioWare does not have the manpower to pull off an AI upgrade whether it is inherent behaviour or player interaction (which is most certainly the reason why the fix took so long).