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For several months, or maybe over a year, I have witnessed people saying that SWTOR is dead. I always dismissed them as trolls. However, with the conquest revamp, their claims have more credibility. The new conquest system only has 5 changes that I like: 1) no more math to determine the conquest objective yield, 2) Small, medium, and large yield planetary invasion selections, 3) Consumable Invasion forces, 4) the new conquest interface, and 5) the new conquest vendor. The rest of it is garbage. Your claim for these changes was to balance out conquest. You did that by incorporating the tiered conquest selections. How difficult you made it to earn conquest and how the decent yield objectives can only be done once per legacy only helps the large guilds that slave drive their members to earn conquest. Before the patch, we did not (and still don't) make conquest mandatory but we were still able to compete with the mega guilds on the server. With you making it completely impossible for a player who works full time to cap more than two or three toons per week robbed us of our ability to compete with these guilds. It is too late in the life of SWTOR to start making such drastic changes to "balance" the game. Some people, like myself, only stayed in the game to do conquest and you completely took the fun out of it.

If you want to save the game, keep the 5 improvements to conquest that I listed above and bring the objectives and their conquest point yields back to what they were before the patch. If this means that you need to make the items sold on the conquest vendor more expensive, so be it. That's a change that I would be more than happy to live with if it means that you're not killing the game. If you do not consider my suggestion, the conquesters like myself will get tired and reluctantly leave the game. With the population already low, the large exodus would be game breaking.

Thank you for the time that you spent reading this.
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