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I've had not the chance to check the PTS out yet (Steam player..)

But I've seen some of the screenshots off the pts and spoken with players who had access to it. So I'm going to base my feedback on that:

Can you easily find your Amplifiers?
I can easily find my amplifiers on the regular servers now. But when seeing the screens of the current changes on the PTS I think it may be a bit too much screen filling and overwhelming in the Character Menu for new players.. And in all honesty they should not even worry about their amplifier stats until they hit level 75 and gear 306.

So 1. Perhaps add the option that you can minimize it will be perfect? (Like a button as the "Select Title" Or next to "ship" in that tab?
2. Have it locked for players who have not yet received level 75? So they can actually focus on the content without having to worry about it? As it's only wasting money if they get a better gearpiece when levelling on the next planet.

Can you navigate the Amplifiers list?
I can. However maybe adding the tiers in the menu would be easier? (stats, crew skills, miscellaneous) As you need to learn to recognise the icons before the amplifier. (nowedays I know what the dps/heal/tank icon looks like. But absolute new players may not have a single clue.)

Did you have any trouble determining how to reroll an Amplifier or lock the rarity?
I've not been able to reroll on the PTS but sometimes I do overlook on the + % on it. For example I have a 0,50% on something and I've been so much in the flow of re-rolling that I accidentally skip the 0,60 or +1%. Maybe graying out the "lower" tiers of the current % you have? So you can easily see which one has better stats than the other without overlooking?

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