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01.12.2021 , 12:42 AM | #16
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A quick question, as I've only been able to look at it for the first few minutes, will we be able to hide/close the added window with the amplifiers? Having it showing every time you open the character screen adds more clutter when I'm already working with character, preview, and inventory windows open.

In practice, I like the new way it is ordered.
In my opinion, it is an absolute must that the additional amplifier window can be closed and opened if needed and(!) is closed by default. Even if you use the current amplifier window or will use the new one for rolling, once the amplifiers are rolled, this window is obsolete. It would then just be another annoying window, just like the login rewards/subscriber bonus/activity finder/current conquest/cartel market-window (no idea how this is officially called) opening up every time when you receive the guild conquest reward upon the weekly reset.