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01.11.2021 , 09:07 AM | #13
So far, I see that tree list only on the potential amplifiers. It would be more important for the list of current amplifiers, and even better would be having the total sum of that type of amplifier in the category header, and the categories being sorted by combat-related effects (armorings) first and then the QOL stuff from mods and shells. At the moment, the list of current amplifiers seems to be sorted randomly and its stuck to the character sheet with no way to minimize it.

Please return a button to open the amplifier list and have it closed by default. As it is now on the PTS, we can't have 3 inventory type windows open (bank, inventory, char sheet) without the amplifier list covering one of them.
Let us turn off that gaudy flashing icon over every vendor's head.
Let us sort our companion list and hide or kick out the unwanted ones!