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I am not suggesting dumbing things down for everyone but to create an environment where new players can learn to fly and earn requisition to better equip their ships so that they might last a little longer in a match instead of just heading out of the hanger like lambs to slaughter.

GSF needs, NEEDS a PvE environment for this purpose
GSF PvE would be great. I have anecdotally heard that the SWTOR dev team is very small at this point. Even assuming they reused the same assets that are in GSF and created no new content for it, programming the AI for enemy ships seems likely beyond them. Considering that it would have made sense to include AI ships in the existing GSF tutorial and instead they included immobile turret drones, there may be some engine issue that makes it hard for them to program AI that can navigate a 3D environment, acquire targets, etc.

The less costly (in terms of assets / AI) solution that would meet your goals is if somehow they were able to allocate dev time to set up a custom match lobby like games on the internet have had since the internet became a thing. If, for example, you could create a private match where you picked the map, the participants, and the victory conditions, and then could go in and practice as much as you liked, it would fulfill the need for a place outside the general queue where people could get acclimated to the game... or receive tutoring from those who already know it well.

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