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So falsely making me think I can add an augment is a con?!
Yet more evidence that this new system sucks.
You're overstating the case here. Companion stats come entirely from a fusion of their effective level (equal to your character's effective level after the application of level sync or bolster) and your character's Presence (equal to a static quantity derived from your accumulated bonuses(1) *plus* a figure derived from your current companion's Influence rank), and not from gear at all(2), and they have done so ever since October 2015 when 4.0 was released.

There's no "con", just an oversight. For unrestricted gear, it has always been possible to have companions wear augments and normal mod-objects, but since 4.0, it makes no difference. For post-4.0 companion-restrricted gear, it *shouldn't* be possible to add augments because adding one will do *exactly* nothing except consume credits and an augment-slot kit.

(1) Presence bonuses are:
* Some base figure derived from your level, possibly zero.(3)
* +100 if you've levelled a human from 49 to 50.
* +X per Presence datacron that you've collected. (Legacy-wide since I don't quite remember when.)
* +Y for various companion-related achievements
* +Z for +Presence stims
* +W for some of the original armorings supplied with the Dark v Light +XP armour set(4)
* +V for "Command" enhancements, which are few and far between these days.(4)
* Possibly other things, but I can't think off the top of my head what they are.

(2) They have to *have* a weapon equipped, but its stats matter not at all.

(3) I've had loads of the other bonuses for so long that I can't see whether this is zero or not.

(4) On *your* gear, not the companion's, obviously.
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