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So, I've been a loyalist of this game since the betas and have been subscribed ever since launch. My playstyle, however, was such that as of last month, I had multiple characters over 30, but not a single one at the end of chapter one. This past sunday, after reading about the promotion, I got my closest character through the first chapter, and have been playing that character every free moment I've had. As of this afternoon, I've still only made it 60% of the way to Legacy Level 2.

Am I doing something wrong? I have gleaned from this thread that the best way is to finish quests/missions rather than grind kills. But the Legacy seems to be racking up very slowly even so. Is there any quicker way to gain legacy than this? At this point, it seems unlikely that I could make LL6 by Sunday at noon. Anyone have advice?
I have not got non sorry mate.
I am looking for people who need more help in the forums and i will be there to help you make it better ok.