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Just to be clear, this thread is advocating an in-game Bioware built tool and not a third-party addon.

Recount is not just a "damage meter"... it is a graphical interface which allows you to view group activity in the combat log i.e. Damage Done over the duration of the fight by each player, Friendly Fire, Damage Taken, Healing Done, Absorbs, Healing Taken, Overhealing Done, Deaths, DOT Uptime, HOT Uptime, Player Combat Activity, Dispels, The Dispelled, Interrupts, Ressers, CC Breakers, Resources Gained, etc.

I believe these tools play an important role in identifying whether a player is doing well or under-performing. Nevertheless, these graphs should be the starting point – an indicator that you should be looking more closely at the situation. Used wisely, a tool like this could greatly improve guild performance.

Some individuals are fearful of an "elitist" backlash caused by the improper use of such a tool. Nevertheless, people have also argued that this tool would actually curb elitist behavior based on FACTS and DATA rather than Gear, Achievements, Spec, Gut Feeling or Favoritism.

The inevitability of undesirable behavior isn't something we can escape in a massive online community, so the real question is...

Would you rather be castigated based on factual data or would you rather take your chances with the "hunch" of a self seeking jerk?

With Recount

Jerk: Dude please leave the group your DPS sucks.

Without Recount

Jerk: Dude please leave the group you are wearing a green helm and your gear isn't good enough for this encounter. (You get kicked, even if you were top DPS)
EDIT: It would also totally eliminate "recount spam". They could disable all data broadcasts... If everyone has access to the information there would be no need to broadcast the results.

EDIT UPDATE: Fansite Summit: CRR Interview with Georg Zoeller
During the speed-fire round starting at 13:00 in the video. Georg confirms an out of game COMBAT LOG!

People will have access to combat logs please bring a recount version in the game!

I think Georg Zoeller understands our pain for not having a combat log at launch, let's hope they "get it right" and quickly. Georg's response to "No Combat Log at Launch"

People who don't like Recount.
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