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Sith don't allow themselves to be under anything! JK
Seriously though, I like the way you think!
How about four of those Slave pillars holding up a grand balcony?

I'm not sure they'd do a Korriban SH as they would also have to do one on Tython (also a nice idea).
Perhaps for the same vibe, they could do one on Ilum where there could be temples for both?
An amazing temple complex set into the face of a cliff, appropriate massive statue pillars, an underground cavern of crystals, mysterious ruins nearby, and an incredible view of a night sky?
Yes, if Korriban got one then Tython definitely needs one, perhaps one behind one of those awesome waterfalls. A SH on Ilum would be cool too, I do love the sky-box for that planet. I could stare at the stares for hours. I may have actually done that once lol!

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