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I've wanted a Korriban SH for the longest time. Lord Khreusis from the Sith Inquisitor storyline has a really cool SH under one of the giant human statues in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Something like that would be fantastic and is what I really want and have always suggested. We could be under one of those statues with an awesome view of the valley and the Imperial starships above us.
Sith don't allow themselves to be under anything! JK
Seriously though, I like the way you think!
How about four of those Slave pillars holding up a grand balcony?

I'm not sure they'd do a Korriban SH as they would also have to do one on Tython (also a nice idea).
Perhaps for the same vibe, they could do one on Ilum where there could be temples for both?
An amazing temple complex set into the face of a cliff, appropriate massive statue pillars, an underground cavern of crystals, mysterious ruins nearby, and an incredible view of a night sky?
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